If you planning to buy game software at Shinsaibashi in Osaka come see game shop "space"

Selling from the latest game software to retro games!
There is also a free space where you can play freely!
Please feel free to visit us.


Osaka Shinsaibashi Game Shop "Space"

Address: 1-12-19 Higashi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Eight building 5F

TEL: 06-6241-7650

Opening Hours: Sun - Thu 7pm to 11pm Friday and Saturday 7pm to 5am

Close : irregular

Access: Get off at the 5th entrance to Shinsaibashi Station and go inside the roundabout shopping street on the left. Turn right when you see UNIQLO. Continue straight ahead along Eliya Street towards Sakaijuji (east).

There is a Seven Eleven on the right of the second crossroad. There is our shop in the 5th floor of the building next to it.

【Store information】

Osaka Shinsaibashi Game Shop "Space" is a game shop where you can buy various of game software. From the latest game software such as Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 to a retro game such as Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64, it is a rich lineup. It is a game shop where you can easily purchase game software.

There are 30 seats in the free space in the room.

You can play freely with the bring-in software. The monitor and the games are installed.

We beleve its a nice community space to find a player to play with. Of course it is also possible to use one person so please use it freely. We are free to open.

[Rules about the free space]

Our free pace is open to the public and game machines and monitors are put on it. If you bring your favorite game software, you can enjoy the game easily with everyone.

It can also be done on a big screen by displaying the smartphone on a monitor, so it is also recommended for offline meet up event.

In the free space there are 20 seats for the table seat and 10 seats for the side seats, so you can relax and play.

Please use as a community space freely.

※ Please refrain from using for too lomg, enjoy playing with other friends.


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